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Congratulations! You’re Awake!

Now what?

That’s a question I often get from newly awakened people, so I decided to throw together a one-stop page where I list everything you can do and implement right now no matter where you are or what you have.

On this page you will find different resources on various topics, all designed to help you survive and thrive in the final battle to liberate mankind from slavery. Many of the resources are free, some have a cost.

However, ALL of them have been tested / experienced / vetted by myself and countless other freedom-loving, system-busting People across the Earth.

This page is constantly updated so bookmark it and check back from time to time!

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Free Yourself from Fake Food

As the name so creatively describes, this simple but effective website connects you directly with local farmers (usually a co-op or PMA). You get truly organic/raw food directly from the source and support independent farmers.

I’ll be honest… I was vegan until I had some Amish raw heavy whipping cream from RA Healthy Foods – a small distribution company for Amish products in Southern California.

My tastebuds and body felt like taking a breath for the first time, after being suffocated with pasteurized, cooked, processed (therefore dead) food all my life.

PLUS, these farmers are largely self-sustaining so they’ll be able to produce and supply food regardless of what happens in the main-stream.

Simply type in your postal code, set up a free account and start strenghtening your food independence!

DISCLAIMER: As many of these farms are Private Membership Associations (aka Unincorporated Associations), they often require an nominal “membership fee” which allows them to sell raw, life-giving foods to “The Private.”

Also, the sign-up process is a little wonky. You have to wait until you are approved before you can see the full menu/offerings of your chosen farm. Just be patient.

Get your food from

Free Yourself from The Great Reset

The Greater Reset and

Chances are, if you’re on this page, you’ve heard about the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset – aiming to establish a global, totalitarian government that controls every single detail of your life.

In other words, a New World Order.

Well, that’s the 1% dElete’s vision of our future.

We The People have a different one:

A decentralized, peaceful, autonomous network of liberty-loving intentional communities that trade with each other freely and heal the Earth through regenerative farming.

We’re opting out of tyranny and building the future mankind deserves.

The Greater Reset is an annual summit of the greatest minds in the freedom movement where only solutions are shared. All livestreams and replays are free! is a platform designed by the founders of The Greater Reset to find, organize, meet, and build intentional communities with like-minded people.

In their own words:

“Freedom Cells are peer-to-peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.”

In my case, I have found the most beautiful souls through my local Freedom Cell and together we have built a strong community right smack in the middle of one of the most globalist cities. While we do live apart, we meet often to actively build solutions to any and all problems we are facing.

Free Yourself from your spyPhone ($25 off with coupon PHONESOLUTION)

De-Googled phones have become quite popular. Especially since 2020…

It’s not a new concept. It’s just that demand wasn’t really there until Big Tech took off their mask and revealed to mankind what tyrants they’ve always been.

And now that it’s finally proven that Google and “the government” colluded to secretly track you during the plandemic, more people are realizing that any phone coming from Big Tech is nothing but a glorified personal tracking device.

In short: anything you do with and around a Big Tech smartphone is TRACKED, COLLECTED and USED

Introducing de-Googled phones.

A “de-Googled phone” simply means that a smartphone is running a clean, open-source version of Android WITHOUT any Google (or other Big Tech) code. And therefore, without any tracking or surveillance (unless you install apps with trackers).

And no, you can’t de-google an iPhone. Google is baked right into it.
Thanks, Steve. Guess you were just another deceptive billionaire.

There are several companies and individuals offering de-googled phones, but none of them come even close to Above Phone (in my experience).

If you buy it from an individual, there’s little to no customer support (as I had to learn the hard way). Above has AMAZING customer support and will even hold your hand throughout the entire transitioning process.

They have phones for all budgets. Think of it this way: it will be your phone for YEARS and YEARS. No rentals. No lease. No contracts. And it works with your current carrier!

I have an Above Phone and I love it! Will never use any other.

Use our exclusive discount code during checkout for $25 off: PHONESOLUTION

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Free Yourself from High Gas Prices

GOVVI Fuel Tabs

In case you haven’t noticed, “they” are intentionally creating Cost-of-Living explosions through inflation, sabotage, market manipulation, overregulation, etc.

Just until recently, gasoline in California was up to $9/gallon (!!!). It has since moved back down to managable levels, but we obviously don’t expect that to last long…

The next crisis/emergency/disaster has been planned a long time ago, and then gas prices will skyrocket again.

Introducing GOVVI Fuel Boosting Tablets
Boosts Power & Performance
Reduces Harmful Emissions
Cleans Carbon Deposits
Improves Fuel Stability
Improves Fuel Burn
Improves Mileage

Believe me, I was sceptical at first too… But then I gave it a shot.

Within less than 120 miles, my MPG jumped from 16.6 to 20.7!
And that’s on a 2014 Jeep V6 engine.

I’ve been using GOVVI tablets ever since, and will continue to do so.

The numbers (and savings!) speak for themselves.

And yes, power and performance have also definitely increased! People with smaller engines/cars have reported even greater MPG improvements.

While there are many solutions on the market that do provide benefit, NONE of them match the potency, purity, safety, and benefits from using GOVVI fuel catalysts (in my experience).

I highly recommend trying GOVVI Fuel Boosting Tablets for yourself. Simply drop the GOVVI tablet into your gas tank before filling up, and you’re on your way to saving the environment, protecting your engine, and increasing the amount of distance you can go on a single tank.

Maximize Your MPG With GOVVI

Free Yourself from Google Search

As we now painfully learn our lesson that Big Tech really doesn’t have our best interests in mind – nor care about the most basic human right of free speech – it is time we sever our abusive relationship with them.

All Big Tech search engines now censor, track, trace, profile and spy on you EVEN IN THE BACKGROUND. Including formerly beloved DuckDuckGo (bent the knee to/advertising partners with Bing/Microsoft).

Introducing PreSearch. They call themselves the “Switzerland of Search.” While I not necessarily agree with that comparison (as Switzerland has PLENTY of blood on their hands) this Search Engine is definitely the best choice I have come across.

It’s decentralized – hosted on individual blockchain nodes across the globe, so it’s censorship-resistant. Even if they wanted to, they can’t censor anything.

It’s private by design – they don’t store any data from your visit, just the general country from where traffic originated, but if you use a VPN that’s not an issue.

It’s paying you to search (optional) – all you need is to set up a free account and login before you search. You receive ~0.1 PRE token per search. At the time of this writing, 1 PRE is $0.145, so you make approx. 1.5 cents for every search.

Yeah, I know it’s not much. But think about the thousands (perhaps MILLIONS) of searches you have done throughout your life with Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

And they all stole and sold YOUR DATA for profit to advertisers and profiling agencies. It’s your data. Why not get paid for it?

You can fairly easily set up your own PreSearch node, too and get rewards for strengthening the network. Then swap PRE for any other coin.

Passive income, anyone?

Also, you can use PRE tokens to “stake keywords” – a fresh take on search engine advertising. You basically buy the words or phrases for your business, and show up as #1 on

Free Yourself From Big Tech

From a co-founder of The Greater Reset, Ramiro Romani.

I couldn’t put it better than they do on their website, so here’s the description:

We are an educational movement & community. Together we’ll learn about friendly technology and how to use it effectively across many areas. Desktop, web, mobile, hardware, communications, and much more!  

When we are successful at connecting conscious users with friendly developers, technologists, and companies it will create an ecosystem where technology can be used as a force for good. When this ecosystem grows large enough, it will starve abusive organizations and their attempts to surveil and control their users.

This leaves us to create a better world where our digital exchange and actions are in alignment with how we choose to live, upholding individual freedom, peace, and collaboration.

We’ve taken care to design the site so that it uses completely self-hosted solutions, and doesn’t leak our readers’ information. You may sign up to our newsletter anonymously, and all the content will be free forever.

We post our content on alternative media platforms, such as Telegram, Odysee, Minds, and Hive, please follow us using the links below.

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Chat:
Private Social Network:
Odysee Channel:
Hive Channel:
Flote Channel:

Our connection is sacred,

Pretty cool, huh? Thanks to these guys, we got of our Freedom Cell members off Microsoft Windows and switched over to a Linux-based OS (KDE Neon).

Yes, learning to use Linux has a bit of a learning curve, but if we want to live digitally free, we gotta put some brains in the game.

Please join us to Take Back Our Tech.

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Free Yourself from “Hollywood Schlock”

schlock (ʃlɒk)

noun: goods or produce of cheap or inferior quality; trash
adj: cheap, inferior, or trashy

Slipaway – Feature Film

Sick and tired of the mindless, agenda-driven, endlessly regurgitated, brain-killing, propaganda mind control schlock coming out of Hollywood?

Alright, this one’s a shameless plug, but I promise you: it’s one of those movies that Hollywood no longer makes (and most likely never will again).

Some of our audience members call it “the next Harold & Maude.”

Shortlisted for 2 Oscars. Winner of 25 awards and 23 nominations, Slipaway is the feel-good journey of two lonely people fighting for each other’s dreams through a controversial friendship. When an elderly widow ends up caring for a homeless musician on her antique sailboat, the two must overcome their differences and past mistakes to realize that each holds the key to the other’s life dream.

My wife and I co-wrote and co-directed this film from the heart, for the heart.

No violence, no sex, no drugs, no crime. Hollywood never picked it up, despite all of our accolades. I wonder why…

It’s a beautiful movie for the whole family, and deals with a topic our modern “society” doesn’t want you to explore:

How to live life on your terms.

Stream Slipaway Now

Free Yourself from Surveillance

As you can see above, it’s all that!

Session is the only truly encrypted, out-of-the-box chat app that I’ve come across. There are even stronger apps, but they require running your own server.

Session is easy to install and relatively easy to use. Luckily, there are many how-to videos that show you how to add friends, set up groups, etc.

The DOWNSIDE (at the time of writing) is that truly end-to-end encryption saves all app data locally on your phone’s storage. Therefore, when you change your phone and want to use your Session again… well, all conversations are gone… because they’re stored on your old phone… as I had to find out the hard way.

That, however, proves that their end-to-end encryption IS REAL, as opposed to Telegram. *cough, cough*

Get you and your freedom-loving family & friends on Session and start messaging without the worry of prying digital eyes.

If you have an Android, I highly recommend installing the app directly through apk download from the official Github:

Scroll down until you see this section “Contributors” – download the one for your OS – if in doubt, use universal.apk

Free Yourself from Big Tech collaboration suites

Once again, I think the creators put it best…

Private by design

CryptPad is built to enable online collaboration while keeping data private. All content is encrypted and decrypted by your browser. This means documents, chats, and files are unreadable outside of the session where you are logged in. Even the service administrators do not have access to your information.

The development team does not profit from user data in any way. This is part of a vision for online services that respect privacy. Unlike the big platforms that pretend to be “free” while making profits from personal information, we aim to build a sustainable model funded willingly by users.

You can support the project by subscribing to one of our plans, or by making a one-time or recurring donation through our Open Collective. Our budget is transparent and updates are published regularly.

It’s not as flashy and easy to use as Big Tech’s cloud collaboration suites, and the maximum upload capacity is also limited… BUT HEY! We have to support like-minded software developers, so that this current digital hell never happens again!

So, if you can, I encourage you to either buy a plan or donate to

If nothing else, just start using it for free. Please.

Free Yourself from Censorship

What exactly is so hard to comprehend about “Freedom of Speech”?

What exactly is so difficult to comprehend about “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of speech”?

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the Constitution of the United States of America is no longer respected nor upheld by the seemingly vast majority of “government employees” or corporations.

But Freedom of Speech means FREEDOM OF SPEECH. End of story. Period.

That’s basically the motto of Gab Social – a Twitter/Facebook clone that doesn’t censor anything.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

– Voltaire or Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Yes, there are weirdos on Gab. But there are weirdos on EVERY social platform. However, on Gab at least everyone agrees on one thing: the Freedom of Speech.

As you might imagine, “the powers they wish they were” have been coming after Gab in multiple ways. But Gab NEVER BENT THE KNEE. EVER.

Not when Congress subpoenaed them…

Not when Germany’s federal government or even Europol tried to force them to censor…

In their own words:

Gab is a First Amendment company which means we tolerate “offensive” but legal speech.

We believe that a moderation policy which adheres to the First Amendment, thereby permitting offensive content to rise to the surface, is a valuable and necessary utility to society.

It allows unorthodox but correct views, such as the Wuhan Lab Origin Theory that was banned on Twitter and YouTube but permitted on Gab, to propagate.

It allows hateful ideas, such as anti-White CRT, to be exposed and subject to scrutiny and challenge. It also allows Americans, and others around the world, to enjoy the full measure of their human right to speak freely online.

Supporting the mission of freedom online means having the stomach to accept that people will say “edgy and offensive” things.

– Andrew Torba, Gab Social founder and CEO

Gab is fully self-reliant with their own server infrastructure, and therefore censorship-resistant. They are also on the forefront of building the parallel society, where freedom-loving people can freely trade and communicate with each other directly.

They have their…

  • own advertising platform (buh-bye facebook ads)
  • own payment gateway (buh-bye PayPal),
  • own video conferencing system (buh-bye Zoom)
  • own video hosting platform (buh-bye YouTube)

… and are 100% funded by their membership. No investment firms or technocratic overlords.

You can set up an account for free, but once again, I encourage you to go PRO which unlocks a plethora of advanced features, including access to their Marketplace and Advertising your business.

Free Yourself from YouTube

You may be wondering: “I know they censor what their overlords (Vanguard and BlackRock) want censored, but why should I use something other than YouTube for entertainment or a simple how-to video?”

3 words: Starve The Beast.

YouTube – just like any other Big Tech – makes their money by SELLING YOUR DATA. Even if you don’t log in, they still track every single interaction you do on their platform, down to your mouse movements (or tap ‘n scrolls).

They log your IP, browser info, device ID and as many other identifiers they can get their scrubby little hands on, so that *suddenly* you see an ad on another website related to that video you watched on YouTube!

Starve ’em! You can find what you’re looking for on any of the other platforms now. PLUS, you’ll be supporting like-minded content creators and developers.

Odysee is one of many YouTube alternatives that does not censor. I included a list of other free speech video platforms at the end of this section, however, I prefer Odysee over any others.

Here’s why…

  • it’s based on blockchain technology, therefore information is decentralized and censorship-resistant. All other YouTube clones are not because they’re still hosted on central servers
  • content creators can monetize their videos via cryptocurrency! Viewers can donate Odysee’s own crypto token to any video they enjoy. Another way to build and participate in the parallel economy & society
  • It has EVERYTHING! Not just conspiracy stuff (like Bitchute) but also how to bake a cake, or cute cat videos, or comedy, or how to fix your bike. It brings back memories of the good ol’ weird days of the internet (and YouTube), where everyone shares their stuff united under the banner of digital freedom

I encourage you to check out Odysee and see if you find what you’re into. My bet is that you will.

Now here’s a list of other YouTube clones: – has turned more into a social network now and aims to be a kind of central hub for ALL your social media content. I have not tried them out yet but have heard nothing but good things about them – for all your patriotic (and doomsday) news! – patriotic news and more! But based in Canada (?). Andrew Torba (CEO of Gab) did a nice expose of Rumble a while back. They are NOT who they portray to be and have bent the knee to Trudeau’s dictatorship. Use with discernment. – mostly conspiracy and patriotic content. Is rumored to be a misdirection honeypot for conservatives, but of course, that’s hard to prove. I enjoy a few content creators on there, but again, use with discernment.

VoluntaryTube – kind of a new kid on the block. Focusing mostly on voluntaryism/libertarian content, therefore the preferred platform for Derrick Broze (co-founder of The Greater Reset). Doesn’t seem to have much traffic, though.

Enjoying the solutions?

I hope you’re enjoying this one-stop page for solutions! It is free to use and always will be, so please share with your friends and family.

However, there are a few costs to maintain this website, so I humbly ask for your consideration, if you can, to make a donation – no matter the amount.

Thank you so much, and remember to check back frequently, as I often update and add content.

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